Trevor Petrie | Songwriter & Performer
Trevor Petrie is a singer-songwriter from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

In 2004, after a chance meeting and subsequent melding of minds, Trevor Petrie and Brian Hosking, formed Anti Social Commentary with Trevor’s good friend Benjamin West. Many late nights at Bendigo’s Golden Vine Hotel eventually led to the 2004 recording “Pray for Friday”, with the title track appearing on that years BRIT CD. In 2006, Andrew Barnes joined the fray and took on the task of recording Anti Social Commentary’s second release “Everything you want to achieve”. Somewhere around 2007/2008, a full length album was tracked but due to issues with the studio PC and irrecoverable problems with the snare tracks, the album never saw the light of day.

Almost seven years after their previous release and with new bass player Steve Myers, Anti Social Commentary released their third and final EP “It All Starts Again”. Sadly due to family commitments and members moving about the band folded shortly after.

After moving to Castlemaine, Trevor started a new project with Ben Smith (drums) and Tom Anderson (bass): “Trevor Petrie and The War of Ideas”. The trio went on to play a number of shows in the Goldfields region and released their debut EP “Lion In The Closet” on November 28, 2015. Soon after the release of the EP Ben Smith, moved on to pursue other ventures and Brian Hosking decided it was time to get back in the saddle.

In what was to be a busy year of touring the “Lion In The Closet” EP, Trevor and partner Frida decided to move back to Bendigo – a six month long project involving renovating and selling their house. With Trevor back in Bendigo, Brian back behind the kit and Tom keeping the groove on the bass, things were looking up… if only they had a second guitar or keys or something… with a little gentle but repeated persuasion, Frida soon caved and “The War of Ideas” were born.

But the story doesn’t end there, in fact it’s just the beginning.

Ben Blanks has joined the fray, adding his unique tones, textures and warmth to the songs; and Steve Myers has dusted off his bass, boiled the strings and is now serving up some tasty grooves.

Time to hit the studio! See you in October folks!

The War of Ideas are

Trevor Petrie – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Hosking – Drums
Steve Myers – Bass
Frida Petrie – Keys, Backing Vocals
Ben Blanks – Guitar

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