In the CryptoSphere

Leaving high school with no career/life plan and very little interest in the subject I was studying at technical college, music continued to be a big part of my new, post-small-country-town life.

Studying for my diploma in engineering electronics didn’t leave me a great deal of time for meeting musos and playing gigs, so music didn’t seem like an obvious income path.

Everything changed when I was offered a three month contract to back fill a Service Desk position in the IT dept at my college. Guaranteed income for 3 months! That three month contract became an accidental 20+ year career in IT.

Sadly I missed the boat on the Bitcoin craze, but I’m determined not to miss the boat on what I believe is the future for content creators.

I joined Steemit1 in August 2017 and soon discovered a vibrant music scene and a weekly Open Mic competition. I was blown away when my first entry to Open Mic received nearly 100 votes and earned nearly $90. My second entry earned over $100 and then in Week 51, I was humbled and honoured to come 2nd place.

I felt like I’d discovered a whole new world. A place where originality and creativity where rewarded.

Life has taken a few twists and turns. And so has the blockchain.

I’ve been a somewhat sporadic blogger over the years but I’m super excited about the recent move to the Hive blockchain. This is a new world. A strong community of bloggers, creators, educators, problem solvers and technical geniuses who are successfully building a new way of working.

  1. In a true testament to the strength of the community, the majority have moved to a new blockchain known as Hive.

    If you’d like to know more about the hard fork to the Hive blockchain, the video below by @blocktvnews explains it exceptionally well.

In the offline world

During his 20+ year career, Trevor has been the front-man for several local bands including Paranoia, Anti Social Commentary and The War of Ideas and has to date released 5 EP’s and an 8 track album.

Being no stranger to stage, Petrie has also performed countless solo acoustic sets throughout Victoria and released his debut solo EP Lion in the Closet in 2015.

Growing up in Kyneton and moving to Bendigo in his early twenties, Trevor was influenced by many bands and songwriters including Violent Femmes, You Am I, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Live, Smashing Pumpkins, Paul Dempsey and Something for Kate and more recently artists like Damien Rice and Glen Hansard, and bands such as Local Natives and Head and the Heart.

Trevor writes highly emotive works, his lyrics cut like a knife and his performances are guaranteed to make you feel the raw emotion behind the songs.

You can find a complete list of Petrie’s releases on his Bandcamp page.

Anti Social Commentary

Trevor formed Anti Social Commentary with good friends Brian Hosking and Benjamin West. Many late nights at Bendigo’s Golden Vine Hotel eventually led to the 2004 recording Pray For Friday, with the title track appearing on that years BRIT CD.

In 2006, Andrew Barnes joined the fray and took on the task of recording Anti Social Commentary’s second release Everything You Want To Achieve.

Somewhere around 2007/2008, a full length album was tracked but due to issues with the studio PC and irrecoverable problems with the snare tracks, the album never saw the light of day. [Edit | We found it!!! And you can stream it on Spotify! See: Fragments of the Lost Album]

Almost seven years after their previous release and with new bass player Steve Myers, Anti Social Commentary released their third and final EP It All Starts Again. Sadly due to family commitments and members moving about, the band folded shortly after.

The War of Ideas

Building upon the new direction Petrie took with his 2015 solo release Lion in the Closet, Trevor has all but come full circle in the past 2 years, rejoining with former band mates Brian Hosking and Steve Myers in a five member strong band, with accompanying keys and backing vocals provided by wife, Frida Petrie and soulful guitar driven tones and textures delivered by Ben Blanks. Petrie’s lyrics may set the mood but the band brings it all together.

Their debut release The Beauty Of Solitude features four tracks where the band explore in great detail topics such as: what it means to live in an ever-connected digital age, how to let go of your past and break free of limiting beliefs, love, loss and heartache.

The War of Ideas are currently taking a break and if the planets align, they may return.

Inner City Traders

The grunge band that ended before it ever really began… Not a huge surprise given it started four lads just hangin out and writing new, old-school grunge tunes.

Despite never really getting the engine running, Inner City Traders did record a pretty rockin’ 3 track EP, which you can listen to on Soundcloud.